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SharePoint and OneDrive Support for # and %

Back in April a new feature for SharePoint Online and OneDrive was announced, support for the special characters # and % in file and folder names. This post from Bill Baer provides some background on the announcement. As I’m writing this post in August 2017, many production Office 365 tenants have this capability. However, the

Control who can create Office 365 Groups

The following article from Microsoft provides some details on how to restrict who can create an Office 365 Group using PowerShell. Control who can create Office 365 Groups Every time a user creates an Office 365 group, a SharePoint site collection is provisioned. Depending on how your organization is managing SharePoint Online, you may wish

Sharegate PowerShell – An Easy Way to Create a Starting Folder Structure

Sharegate is an excellent tool that includes features for performing enterprise level content migrations into SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The full version includes a PowerShell interface. This can be a good option for automating your migration process, especially if you have a large number of source and destination locations to map to. Often

SharePoint Site Auditing with PowerShell

One of the challenges that comes with a corporate rollout of SharePoint is the need to establish a set of in-house standards. SharePoint is a very flexible and open-ended tool, so the development of a standards document is especially important. Without corporate level SharePoint standards, individual teams and site owners tend to set their own