Recommended Resources

Let’s face it – a big part of being a technology professional is keeping up to date with the systems you work with and with industry trends. And a big part of that is tracking down the best websites, podcasts, and videos around. Below are some of my recommendations.

Official Office 365 News announcements from Microsoft for Office 365
Office 365 Developer Site
Pay special attention to the patterns and practices team which provides a wealth of videos and code.
Office 365 Roadmap list of current and upcoming Office 365 features.
SharePoint Online limits and quotas reference article that explains the limits of SharePoint Online such as users, storage space and file size.
Project Online: software boundaries and limits reference article that explains the limits of Project Online such as users, storage space, file size.
MS Dev Show podcast covering .Net and web / cloud development
.NET Rockshttps://www.dotnetrocks.comLong running developer podcast covering a good range of topics.
Office 365 Developer Podcast from Microsoft covering general O365 developer news and SharePoint.
Windows Weekly Microsoft news podcast with Paul Thurott and Marj Jo Foley.
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcasthttps://www.msclouditpropodcast.comA newer podcast focused on the IT pro side of Office 365 and Azure.
RunAs Radiohttp://runasradio.comIT pro general topics.
Todd Klindt's SharePoint and Cloud Podcast podcast for the IT pro topics for SharePoint and Office 365.
SharePoint Power Hour youtube show for No Code SharePoint topics.