Git Info Exclude

If you’re familiar with the git source control tool, you have probably come across the .gitignore file. This file allows specified files, usually created as part of the build process to be ignored (untracked) by git. There is actually an additional way to exclude files, the git info exclude, which I’ll be covering in this

C# Simplify Validation With Guard Clauses

A guard clause is a coding approach for pulling out validation and edge case checks scattered throughout a method and putting them at the start of the method (to validate input parameters) and / or at the end of a method (to validate output after the main processing has taken place in a method). My

Getting Started with Vue Cli

A good resource for those doing Vue.js development is the Vue CLI development tools.  This is installed as an npm package and provides Vue.js project scaffolding and other tools.  There is also a web ui for this tool, which we’ll be taking a look at. One of the advantages of the Vue cli tool is

Chrome Debugging Tips

This post covers some useful tips for debugging JavaScript in Chrome. Tip1 – Output objects in console.log   The console.log statement is used inside of source code, usually as part of development to help debug a section of code such as console.log(‘hit this point’); or console.log(‘my variable is ‘ + x); One useful trick when working

Vue.js conditional display v-if and v-show

In working with the Vue.js JavaScript framework, one of the first topics you learn is conditional display – displaying or hiding an element.  Two ways to do this are the v-if directive and the v-show directive. Here is an example of the v-if directive:  It’s pretty straight forward, the statement inside the quotes needs to

Edit Excel Connections in XML

I have come across a couple scenarios where it has been really helpful to be able to edit the data connections and queries in an Excel file directly.  In one case a connection was read-only and in another case there were multiple connections that needed to be updated to a new address and making the

Getting Started with Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault is a feature within Microsoft Azure focused on the secure storage of secrets. Secrets could include user names, passwords, license keys, access keys that would be utilized by scripts or programs. So for example, a web app, PowerShell script, or an Azure function my need to utilize a service id or password